As a leading Interior design consultants in Dubai, we understand that the job of an interior designer is commonly associated with creating spaces with elegant and stylish aesthetics. While this is true, it does not cover everything that the job of interior design encompasses. These are some of the points one should consider when designing spaces.

1. Eco-friendly Designs

Having interior spaces that are eco-friendly is one way forward in the industry. Interior design consultants in Dubai and around the world understand this need. Designers have to possess a good amount of knowledge of the required materials and technologies. It is important to pick products that have the lowest possible environmental impact. Using renewable materials and sustainably harvested wood are a few more ways to make your interiors more eco-friendly.


Fig 1. Eco-friendly Designs – 3 Ideas for Creating the Home Interiors of the Future

2. Reduce Energy Consumption

Changes should also be made concerning energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption is becoming more and more urgent to lower greenhouse gas emissions. This should be a concern of interior design consultants in Dubai and all major cities. Reducing these emissions can be achieved through introducing renewable energy solutions in the layout. Making changes to the heating, cooling systems and lighting help in using energy more efficiently and economically.

Fig 2. Reduce Energy Consumption – 3 Ideas for Creating the Home Interiors of the Future


3. Check Lifespan of Products

The lifespan of materials and products should be considered. Discarding products regularly creates a lot of waste and should generally be avoided. Thus, designers must choose items that are durable and do not need to be changed very often. Reusing materials is one way of achieving this.

Interior design consultants in Dubai and around the globe must increase discussions about including more sustainable designs. Whether it is Interior design consultants in Dubai or any other city, an important topic of conversation is how to incorporate more renewable energy sources for the future.

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